There are presently no open calls for submissions.


We solicit contributions of nonfiction, poetry, short fiction, photographs, digitized artwork, short films, original musical compositions and spoken word recordings, along with hybrid forms that combine poetry and prose or text and images, etc. We're also open to multi-author collaborations and translations. (Translators should have permissions in hand for works under copyright.)

Authors should be willing to read their works for the podcast, which we will record over the phone if necessary (but please hold off on making recordings until you find out whether your work has been accepted -- the editors might request changes).


Qarrtsiluni does not consider written work or video that has been previously published in online or print journals, books or anthologies. We do, however, consider work that has only been posted on an author’s blog, personal website, or personal channel on a video upload site such as YouTube or Vimeo, because we think such online sharing constitutes a vital part of the creative process for a growing number of writers and filmmakers, and we want to encourage that.

For other types of submissions, we have an even more lenient standard: we consider previously published photos, artwork, and audio submissions as long as the artist has retained full reprint rights.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. If an entire submission is accepted elsewhere, you may simply withdraw it from within Submishmash, but it's only part of a submission (say, one poem out of three) please email us instead: qarrtsiluni [at]


Contributors may submit work twice for a given theme, but we ask that they not send a second submission until their first submission has been accepted or returned. Submit as early in the reading period as possible if you'd like the chance to make a second submission.

A given submission may include both text and images. Please list all the items in your cover note, and try to minimize the number of files as much as possible. For example, if you have two poems, a short story, and three photos, put all the texts into one DOC or RTF file, and put the five JPEGs into a Zip file.

Since we consider images that are already online, you may simply submit a list of URLs to images on sites such as Flickr or Picasa, or other web galleries, etc. For video submissions, please upload your submission to either YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link.


Be sure to list all the pieces you're submitting in the cover note. Please also include a short bio (1-4 sentences long). If your bio mentions online publications, please try to include DIRECT LINKS -- not simply links to the magazine or issue your piece appeared in, but to the piece itself. However, the bio need not focus on writing-related accomplishments, can be as sober or as humorous as you wish, and will have NO influence on the editors' decision to publish or return the accompanying submission. The bio can go either in the cover note or in a file attachment. We reserve the right to edit bios for publication.